Superior two bedroom apartment


The Amphitheatre is the area hidden between the jagged walls of the Široka Peč, Škrnatarica and Dovški Križ mountains.

It is accessible only by abseiling down from one of the surrounding peaks. For that reason, humans rarely set foot there. Those who manage to do so describe the experience as like being in a Moon crater, fully enclosed and lost in space.

Its name comes from the similarities it shares with an ancient Roman amphitheatre, an open arena used in ancient times to stage gladiatorial combat and sporting events.

"Bread and circuses" was a phrase used by the Roman emperors as a motto for ruling their empires. It was on these grand stages that gladiators fought for their lives in front of a crowd of spectators. In contrast, the sight of the Amphitheatre inspires a sense of admiration for Nature's majesty and splendour and leaves visitors in awe of its wonders. 

  • Room size 75 m²
  • Bed type Double bed in each bedroom
  • Bed size 180x200 cm
  • Persons 4 adults & 2 children up to 14 years completed or 1 additional adult