Standard room with a view of the Karavanke mountains

Za Lepim Vrhom (behind Lepi Vrh)

The hill above Stan is also named Lepi Vrh. The area behind it is called Za Lepim Vrhom ("Behind Lepi Vrh").

It's a remote and hidden area, famous for its unique vegetation and rich fauna. Despite the relatively high altitude, farmers were able to grow oats, barley, buckwheat, and according to some, even wheat here.

Before WWII, farmers also had hunting grounds or "jage" in their forests. They either hunted game themselves or they allowed state-registered hunters to hunt there. There were also very many poachers or "raubšici". The poachers didn't hunt as part of the planned cull or for trophies, but because of their lack of food, especially meat which was very scarce and badly needed in many families. Poaching was regarded as an open secret, which is why the locals did not report each other. Not only that, but people who did not have their own hunting grounds could buy game at one of the shops in Rute.

  • Room size 24 m²
  • Bed type Double bed or two Twin beds
  • Bed size 180x200 cm or 2 x 90x200 cm
  • Persons 2 adults or 1 adult & 1 child